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Our Community

Langford Architecture Center, home to the Texas A&M College of Architecture is abuzz with creativity around the clock. The space is in constant motion as 1,900 students pursue myriad academic endeavors focused on the transformation of the human environment.

Design projects and artwork are erected and deconstructed. The walls are papered with an ever-changing mosaic of project posters that are pinned up, rigorously reviewed, and then hurriedly taken down to make room for yet another review session. Everywhere, there are students reading, sketching, writing, sculpting, painting, filming, photographing, designing, building, and collaborating. While some toil alone in private nooks or computer labs, others gather in study groups, studios, classrooms, the college's Azimuth coffee shop and even online - often via the college's own Facebook page.

Then there are lectures, exhibits, concerts, parties, celebrations, film screenings and numerous special events - many planned and perhaps just as many impromptu.

The "other" education

While many focus on academics, others engage in that exclusively Aggie pursuit known as "the other education," the learning, leadership skills and insights garnered from participation in student activities, outreach initiatives and student life. In that realm, College of Architecture students can choose from a diverse array of student organizations and honor societies - more that 20 of which boasting a disciplinary or interdisciplinary focus of special interest to those pursing a degree within the college.

Faculty and Staff

In the forefront and behind the scenes, orchestrating and nurturing the unique creative milieu that is the Texas A&M College of Architecture are the institution's faculty and staff. Together the college's 120 faculty members, 40 staff strive to create and maintain an energetic environment facilitating students' academic and professional success.

Each of the college's four departments - architecture, construction science, landscape architecture and urban planning, and visualization - are graced with highly specialized faculty, many internationally renowned as leaders in their perspective fields.
But the college is distinctive in that it offers a truly interdisciplinary curriculum, which recognizes that no single professional track or narrow specialization can adequately prepare tomorrow's building and planning professionals. And because the college houses all of the built environment disciplines, it is uniquely suited for interdisciplinary collaboration.

To that end, the college's faculty is truly interdisciplinary - they represent not only those disciplines traditionally associated with the virtual and built environments, but also come from a variety of other academic areas, such as computer science, medicine, law, economics, sociology, psychology, engineering, art and even physics.

Friends and Former Students

Since established more than 100 years ago as the first formal architectural education program in the state of Texas, the architecture program and, since 1969, the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University has produced more than 16,000 graduates - architects, landscape architects, builders, planners, land developers, preservationists, special effect wizards, Academy Award-winning animators and scholars - even a celebrated broadcast journalist, an award-winning Hollywood set designer, countless artists and a U.S. Army general.

The list is as endless as the stories are unique, but they all had one thing in common with their predecessors in first Class of 1906 - the integrity, loyalty, leadership, selfless service, respect and a commitment to excellence that is the hallmark of this unique American institution - Texas A&M University.

An unprecedented number of former students of the College of Architecture are leaders in the professions and industries served by the college. Examples of this "Aggie miracle" include CEOs, presidents, and vice presidents of leading design firms and construction companies, mayors of large cities, cabinet officials, and numerous presidents of professional organizations. All of them, leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good.

Giving Back

Whether providing an opportunity for a student, a scholar, a researcher, or simply underwriting an event, it is gifts from our valued friends and former students that make greatness possible at the Texas A&M College of Architecture.
Please visit this site at the Texas A&M Foundation to learn more on how you can help.
Here the college has identified and prioritized its needs with a goal of providing the best possible opportunities to its students and faculty.