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There is perhaps no greater measure of a school's success than for its graduates to command the respect of their profession through outstanding accomplishments, leadership, and good works. In 1997, the College of Architecture created the Outstanding Alumni Award to spotlight the extraordinary achievements of our former students. The award is the highest honor the college bestows on former students. Fewer than 1% of the college's former students are selected for this honor.

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Scroll down to learn about the Outstanding Alumni Award nomination process. Nominations are due April 15 prior to the annual awards banquet in the fall.


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Nominees for the College of Architecture Outstanding Alumni Awards are evaluated on accomplishments reflecting Texas A&M University’s core values—excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service—in one or more of the following three areas.

  1. Professional Achievement & Career Distinction
    Nominees should have accomplished prominence through their efforts in industry, government, education, their chosen profession, or other admirable undertakings that reflect positively on the College of Architecture.

  2. Service to Society
    Nominees should have demonstrated integrity and a commitment to service by bettering the lives of others through volunteer efforts, including civic, military, and professional service, or work with charitable organizations.

  3. Service to and Support of the College of Architecture & Texas A&M University
    Nominees’ actions and accomplishments should reflect the importance of their educational training, pride in their alma mater, and loyalty to Texas A&M as noted through their interest in and support of the College of Architecture and our university.


Nominees will have been former students or graduates who were enrolled in a regular course of study in the College of Architecture (or its predecessor academic designations) at Texas A&M University or the A&M College of Texas. Posthumous nominations are eligible for consideration.



Any individual or group may submit a nomination. Group nominations must designate one contact person. The dean of the college will hold nomination packages, which must include:

  • An Award Nomination Form, which includes the names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers of both the nominee and the nominator.
  • A one-page nomination cover letter.

  • A two-page summary highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments in one or more areas: (1) Professional Achievement & Career Distinction; (2) Service to Society; (3) Service to and Support of the College of Architecture & Texas A&M University.
NOTE: Succinct nominations clearly highlighting how the nominee meets or exceeds these criteria are encouraged.
  • No more than three letters of support from individuals with specific knowledge of the nominee’s accomplishments and character. Each letter of support must not exceed one page. Letters of support should address a nominee’s accomplishments in one or more areas used as selection criteria. Nominees may be consulted to ensure the completeness of their nomination packages, as well as to advise on suitable authors for letters of support.
  • OPTIONAL: A full curriculum vitae may also be included in the package.
Nomination packages should be assembled and submitted by the April 15 deadline established by the college. Complete nomination packages should not exceed twenty-five (25) pages.

Nominees may be notified to ensure the completeness of their nomination packages and may, if needed, advise on suitable authors for letters of support.



All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of twelve members, which will include College of Architecture faculty and former Outstanding Alumni Award winners selected by the college’s four department heads. Selection committee members may write letters of support for nomination packets; however, an individual may not serve on the selection committee if they have made a formal nomination. Efforts will be made to retain four to six committee members from the previous year to provide continuity in the selection process. The selection committee will recommend a group of nominees to the dean, who will select the honorees.

All information contained in nomination packages, as well as all selection committee discussions, will be kept strictly confidential to protect the integrity of the process.

A maximum of five recipients of extraordinary merit may be selected each year. If a posthumous award is recommended, the recipient will not be included in the group of five.

Nomination packages for those not selected will be retained for consideration for one year following their initial nomination only if an addendum to the original submission is provided (which should contain an additional letter of support and any necessary updates to the original nomination).

For further information regarding our selection and nomination processes, please contact Deanna Cowan in the College of Architecture at dcowan@tamu.edu.


Mail completed nomination packages to:

Deanna Cowan
College of Architecture
3137 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3137

or email to dcowan@tamu.edu

Nominations due April 15 prior to fall awards banquet.

Revised: January 2020