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Lori E. Ryker

At a Glance

Class Year: 1985

Award Year: 2011

Degree: Bachelor of Environmental Design

Profession: Education


Ryker, who earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in 1985 and a Ph.D. in Architecture in 2000, is an award-winning designer, sought-after lecturer and internationally published author who, through the not-for-profit organization she founded, the Artemis Institute, provides educational opportunities to help people understand and employ the ties between creativity, spirituality and experiences of the natural world. Ryker resigned from a tenured position at Montana State University to fully pursue her professional work at her firm, Studioryker, in Bozeman, Mont. and to oversee her institute’s initiatives, such as its Remote Studio in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which provides design students a combination of environmental philosophy and back country adventure while tackling design and construction projects for local clients. Her Remote Studio’s design-build concept brings distinction to herself and the college, said Elton Abbott, assistant dean for international programs at the Texas A&M College of Architecture. “Although it’s a small program, the results are impressive,” said Abbott. “Students returning after a semester at the Remote Studio are universally complimentary regarding the breadth of experience provided.” Remote Studio seeks to provide students in their chosen creative fields with firsthand experiences that focus and empower their commitment to the world in which they live and to provide local communities within large areas of natural or wilderness environments with thoughtful, built interfaces to their surroundings. “How we understand ourselves in the world and react to it is directly tied to the built environments in which we live and socialize,” Ryker writes on the Remote Studio website. The Artemis Institute also provides noncredit programs, developed to aid people’s awareness of their creative potential and responsibility to the natural world, internships to Remote Studio alumni, and continuing education for architects. Ryker has authored three books, two which feature “off the grid” residences, and “Mockbee Coker: Thought and Process,” a book about the innovative residential architects, painters and writers Samuel Mockbee and Coleman Coker.